Our Green Commitment

Elliott Mining Supplies Pty Ltd is committed to the environment.

   2016 Statistics
Water Storage: 145,000L
Electricity Generated: 7,500kWh per month
Waste Reduction: 22%

Commitment to Fair Trade

Elliott Mining Supplies' business, including all tendering processes, is undertaken via official channels. Information supplied in tenders or on our web sites accurately reflects our company and its products and services. EMS does not enter into price agreements with competing businesses nor do we attempt to control the market in an unfair manner. In Australia our management and sales staff adhere to the Competition and Consumer ACT 2010 and similarly will act in accordance with laws relating to trade within the jurisdiction of our client’s country.

Commitment to Health and Safety

Health and Safety in the work place is paramount, not only for our workers but also for anyone who may have reason to visit our site. Equipment is regularly inspected, maintained and replaced as required. Management teams are thoroughly trained in risk assessment, work environments and equipment. Workers are instructed on the correct and safe use of machinery, handling of stock and the importance of health for themselves and family. Our commitment extends to our customers and their workers as we continue to design and improve our products for better handling and a safer work environment.

Commitment to the Environment

Elliott Mining Supplies maintains a high level of commitment to our environment, producing between 195 – 210 kW/h per day from a 41.95 kW/h solar panel system and providing our own water with 145,000 litres of rain water storage capacity. We continue our own contribution through the storage, treatment and recycling of water, use of solar energy and application of waste reduction processes.

Commitment to the Community

Elliott Mining Supplies invests in the community through employment and local procurement. We are actively involved with local primary schools and the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation as education and health is vital for our employees, their families and for future generations.

Commitment to the Industry

For all the right reasons Elliott Mining Supplies Pty Ltd offers considerable potential for:

  • An ongoing commitment to continual improvement.
  • Financial benefits as demonstrated with our QuikZip™ and QuikJoin™ products.
  • Operational efficiencies through less changing of fittings.
  • Enhanced workplace health and safety including air flow and manual task aids.


Our strategic directions, aspirations and business goals are outlined below:

  • Establish a fully operational manufacturing, cleaning and repair facility in Australia.
  • Work closely with clients to develop site specific ducting.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable work environment for workers.
  • Continue Research and Development for improvement in products and efficiency.
  • Provide a longer lasting, sustainable and installation friendly product.
  • Provide reliability in supply and assist in expedited supply of critical items.
  • Minimise our carbon footprint through use of solar and wind energy, rain water capture, waste reduction, product development and optimised processes.

Continuous Improvement

The company will always strive to improve itself, products and efficiency.

Our employees are our future prosperity and have always been a valued asset. Staff stability has allowed efficiencies in training and overall understanding of the product, systems and goals of the company. This approach will continue to be a key to our expanding operations.

Raw materials and manufacturing options are continually being assessed and compared to others available in the market, resulting in the highest quality fabrics and machinery being utilised.

Local Research and Development will allow greater control over the development and customisation of new products and improve the craftsmanship and skills of employees.

Cost reduction options are regularly reviewed to ensure they do not result in a decline in the quality of our products or services.


  • Our staff, product development and innovation set us apart as an industry leader.
  • Introduced colour coded hanging fins and spigots for easy identification of sizes.
  • Introduced and patented pressure equalisation holes in Bi-Vent.
  • Introduced with patent pending the QuikZip™ installation method.
  • Introduced with patent pending the QuikJoin™ hook and loop joining system.
  • The only manufacturer to use a heavier fabric for all our fittings.
  • The only manufacturer to provide customer service utilising many years of first-hand experience in all aspects of the mining cycle.

Commitment to employing locals and utilising local supply sources where possible

Our ability to design and manufacture unique fittings for individual sites complements our ongoing research and development program to improve quality and durability.

Ability to dispatch most items within 24-48 hours from our warehouses in Australia.

Direct contact with our managers allows for immediate response with full company support, avoiding costly delays.

Our Green Commitment

Elliott Mining Supplies Pty Ltd is committed to the environment.

   2016 Statistics
Water Storage: 145,000L
Electricity Generated: 7,500kWh per month
Waste Reduction: 22%